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Our fun favourite for jewellery and accessories at great prices is no longer just for spicing your look up- Ardene’s now offers a pleasantly wide range of girl’s and women’s apparel for every day- walk into any Ardene’s and you don’t just see hooks full of necklaces and rings- they now offer casual pieces such as t-shirts, lingerie, shorts and leggings to name a few, not to mention their huge selection of accessories from the little things to scarves, belts and casual footwear. Add variety and sparkle to your everyday look at the drop of a hat (which they also carry many of)!

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2023 and Older Ardene Boxing Day Archive

Ardene Winter Specials 2012

Get all of the necessities for surviving winter this year at Ardene!  Boots are starting at 2 for $20 online right now.  If that doesn’t get your attention maybe the following deals will:

Jewellery 4 for $10

Winter Knits 3 for $15

Slippers 3 for $15

Tops 3 for $15

Boots 2 for $20

PJs and Robes 2 for $30