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Whether you’re out of every ingredient in your cupboards or just looking for as much candy as you can buy, Bulk Barn is your first stop for all your kitchen necessities. From cake mix and flour by the pound to chocolate covered pretzels and almonds, Bulk Barn can be your only stop for raw ingredients at unbeatable bulk prices. Health products such as soybeans, quinoa and protein powder are also readily available- everything you need for a well-stocked kitchen is at your local Bulk Barn.

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2017 and Older Bulk Barn Boxing Day Archive

Bulk Barn Boxing Week Special 2012

Bulk Barn’s “Scoop Up The Savings” event will begin December 21st and carry on into the New Year.  During this promotion, every Wednesday seniors and students are offered an additional 10% off on all regularly priced items.  For every other day of the week, everyone can enjoy the following deals:

Peanuts, Blanched, Roasted (salted or unsalted) - $2.09/lbs

Licorice Allsorts -$2.89/lbs

Chocolate or Yogurt Covered Pretzels - $5.19/lbs

Bits and Bites - $3.79/lbs

Natural Supreme Almonds - $6.39/lbs

Pure Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds -$4.99/lbs

Ju Jubes - $1.49/lbs

Dry Roasted Almonds - $8.39/lbs

Mediterranean Pistachios - $9.89/lbs

Whole Cashews - $9.89/lbs

Gourmet or Rainforest Organic Blend Coffee Beans - $8.69/lbs

Bulk Hot Chocolate – 10% off

Neilson Bulk Chocolate - $4.79/lbs

Steel Cut Oats, Scotch Oats, or Rolled Oats - $0.99/lbs