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Boxing Day Canada 2020 Deals, Sales & Flyers Roundup *LIVE*

We are excited to announce that The SmartCanucks Team has put together an outstanding and comprehensive list of Boxing Day deals and sales for 2020! Happy Holidays!

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FIDO Boxing Day / Boxing Week Deals 2014

Fido has a pretty good new deal for Boxing Week! Get a Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 or Nokia Lumia 830 for $0 (FREE) when you sign up for one of their 2 year Smart Plans. Smart Plans range in price from $40 to $75 per month.This Fido Boxing day promo is valid from now and until January 5th, 2014.

In its current state this Fido Boxing Day sale is not particularly that great but there are a few tricks to make it a hot deal:

If you signed up for Fido’s sizzling hot pay as you go $56 plan a couple of years ago you can call Fido and try and making use of this promo by getting into a 2 year contract while keeping your $56 plan. I can’t guarantee they will always agree to this but it has worked for me in the past. In essence I got a phone for free since I knew I wasn’t going to be changing that awesome $56 plan anytime soon. You can pick up the free phone and sell it, making a good chunk of change.

If you don’t currently have a Fido plan you can wait till retailers come out with hot Boxing Day promos and combine it with the Fido free phone plan to land a hot deal.