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Walmart, one of Canada’s leading department stores, is committed to saving Canadians money, so you can live better. With more than 330 stores and super centres, Walmart carries close to 100,000 different products, ranging from apparel and home decor, to electronics and grocery plus specialty services, such as pharmacies and garden centres.

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2013 and Older Walmart Canada Boxing Day Archive

Walmart Canada Boxing Day Week 2013 Sales and Deals


Kick off Boxing Week early with Walmart!

If you thought the Holiday deals were done, you can think again! Boxing Day starts early as we gear up to Boxing Week 2013 with Wamart, and there’s lots for everyone of all ages to look forward to! Walmart's Boxing Week 2013 event starts online on December 24 noon EST., so you can get a head start on Boxing Day deals and Boxing Week shopping.

You will find absolutely excellent Boxing Week Sales and Prices on some of Walmart's most popular electronics, appliances, movies, and more. You can also shop online with free shipping on all your boxing week 2013 purchases.

Make a list, check it twice.. it doesn't even matter who's naughty or nice! Boxing Day Sales have come to Walmart!

Get the children to sleep, have a few sips of your delicious nog, and join the fun at — it’s something you won’t want to miss!


Get a sneak peak at Walmart's Boxing Day Sales here at on December 20th, 2013.

Walmart Boxing Day Deals 2013

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Walmart Boxing Week Blow-Out 2012

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Be ready this Boxing Day for Walmart`s sale that beats-out their already impressive pricing system.  Effective as of 10am December 24th online, or December 26th in-stores, Walmart will be rolling back their prices even further than usual;  not to mention, they will be also ad matching – any competitor offering similar or lower pricing will be matched, no questions asked.  The only catch: for some items customers will be limited to the quantity they can buy.  Come in this year and find the following at competitive prices:



LG 42” LED 1080P HDTV - $448

RCA 32” LED HDTV - $298

RCA 50” LED HDTV - $498

Sharp 50” LED HDTV $648

Sharp 60” LED Smart HDTV $1248


Tablets, Laptops, and PCs

Acer Laptop with Windows 8 -$358 and $428.88 (size depending)

Acer 8GB Iconia Tablet - $148

BlackBerry 64GB Playbook - $168

HipStreet 9” Flare Tablet - $96


Game Consoles and Games

160GB PS3 Console - $194

Video Games selling for $14, $19, and $49

PS3 Dual-Shock Controller at $39

Xbox 360 250GB Bundle - $199


Other Electronics and Media

Canon Rebel T2i DSLR Digital Camera - $488

Garmin Nuvi 40 GPS - $96

Huge selection of movies selling for $3.97, $10, $5, $7, $15, and $25

LG Blue-Ray Player - $68

Sony DVD Player -$28

Telus Samsung Galaxy S2X Prepaid - $248



Char Broil BBQ - $248

Dyson Multi-Floor Vacuum- $498

KithenAid Ultra Power Stand Mixer $188

Tassimo T-55 Hot Beverage System - $98

Tassimo T-46 Hot beverage System - $88

Tassimo 840 Elite Brewer - $88


Fitness Equipment

Gold’s Elliptical $298

Gold’s Treadmill $398

Gold’s Exercise Bike $198



Boys and Girls Knit Tops - $5

George Men’s Tees - $7

George Men’s Shoes - $29

Luggage Sets from $39

Ladies’ Sweaters - $12

Ladies’ Hollywood Tops and Bottoms - $10

Ladies’ Athletic Works Graphic Tees -$ 20

Ladies’ Select Tanks, Tees, and Micro Fleece - $5

Ladies’ Select Tops or Fleece Tops - $7

Ladies’ Selected Sweaters, Fleece Hoodies, Blouses, Denim, or Shirts - $9

Ladies’ Select Dresses - $13

Ladies’ Select Sleep Tops or Bottoms - $5

Ladies’ Select Sleep Sets or Robe - $9

Ladies’ Select Outerwear - $15

Ladies’ or Men’s Selected Shoes - $9

Men’s Select Knit Tops - $9

Men’s Select Robes, Sleep Sets, or Sweaters - $15



Boxed Fashion Jewellery for $3 and $5

Select watches priced at $5 and $12


Other Sales

50% off Christmas Items

50% off Kid`s Books

40% off Area Rugs

25% off Select Snow Toys, Snowboards, or Sleds

40% off Table Games or Select Toys

50% off Select Hand or Power Tools

40% off Select Portable DVD players, CD/Receivers, Car Speakers or Satellite Radios

40% off Winter or Season Tires

50% off Pre-Wrapped Gifts

50% off Jewellery Boxes


In addition to these great sales, visit the nearest Walmart to find food, pet accessories, and household products with reductions as well!  Everything must be sold, don`t miss out on these great savings.